No Pants Subway Ride Berlin 2016

5 – Nummero cinco. There wasn’t any information published but we were viral in Egypt. Okay the name of the ride says enough. The main part is riding the subway without pants (since we get the same comment every year: UK: trousers). We won´t answer the why, so think something out. Nevertheless it is not a fun ride. It will be hard work. The hardest you know and it has to follow rules. Because it is the fifth time, the first half round, it have to become genius. Genius for all pantless and especially for everyone else.

But the No Pants Subway Ride isn’t only happening in Berlin. All over the world you will be able to see naked legs on public transport and the most in New York. Improv Everywhere did there the first ride back in 2002. And it is always in January – nobody would notice the ride in summer. Where would be the fun then? All that is planed to be an amusing spectacle in the public, which put a smile on passengers faces. That’s why it should look random – a little bit like improvised street theater – and not like “we are cool because we are riding the subway without pants”. That would be ridiculous. You can see photos of the last year’s ride at our blog and please have a look on blog of Improv Everywhere.


Sunday, 10th January, 14:00
S+U Frankfurter Allee, Foodcourt at Ringcenter 2 (Map)
What to bring:
a valid BVG ticket and a backpack/bag/something like that, to hide the pants
What to wear:
what you are usually wearing and if you want to funny underwear (but please no strings, thongs, in german “Rüsselslips”, and so on)
can be done on Facebook (optional but appreciated)
will be at Herman Schulz starting around 17:30 (Facebook Event)

Rules of  the Game

  1. You need the willingness to ride the subway without pants or like (ie skirts) and to change cars/lines like that.
  2. You have to stay in role and be serious, so you can give the impression if you were doing something absolutely normal. The ride shouldn’t look arranged or like “we are cool, we take our pants off in the subway”.
  3. Public Transport? So a valid ticket. If you use “Einzelfahrscheine” you will need two of them.
  4. “Condition of BVG” or more like good manners: do not disturbe uninvolved passengers, so decent and unprovocative behavior. If someone gets upset, be the wiser one and go a bit away. Of course this includes appropriate underwear.
  5. For particants under 18 a written parental approval is needed. Also we are not responsible if somebody gets sick.
  6. Media: we have some kind of statement for you


Dieses Foto wurde von Daniel Linder / aufgenommen.
This photo was taken by Daniel Linder /

The Action

The most important: the undressing part (and also the dressing part) will happen in the subway. And we will leave the cars only in underground stations. So it won´t be too cold. But we will take group photo once again at the Weltzeituhr, which is outside apparently. Of course bad weather will change our plans. Also one group will take the S-Bahn on the way back. Here you can find the route.

We will meet near to S+U Frankfurter Allee (Foodcourt at Ringcenter 2, Map). At the meeting point we will split up in several groups (at least 20 persons per group). Each group will take a different train.

After that we enter the trains (U5 direction Alexanderplatz). Please spread over all cars and move as ordinary as possible. Read a book, listen to music, talk to friends (but not about the “No Pants Subway Ride”). Act cool like it would be a normal ride with the subway.

We will change the line at Alex (U2). Besides that we will leave and re-enter the trains every now and then. The first time will be Frankfurter Tor. After the train leaves Samariterstraße we will take off our pants and hide them. If you are asked what you are doing, say something nice like “those were to uncomfortable” or “they are itchy”. Invent something. And nobody should get that the ride is organized.

After we left the train, we simply wait for the next one. Being asked why you are missing your pants “oh, well, shit. I knew I forgot something” – or anything else. It’s okay to say that it is a little bit could (it wasn’t the last years). Nevertheless we don’t have to wait that long – appr. 5 minutes – till the next train will be there. But please act as cool as possible from that point on.

Back in the U5 we ride to Alex without getting off again. There we change to the U2 (direction Ruhleben). Once again spread over the whole platform. With the U2 we go to Kaiserdamm, but we also get out of the cars on this line also. This stops will be at: Stadtmitte, Potsdamer Platz, Wittembergplatz, Zoo. At Kaiserdamm we simply change the direction at get back. Needless to say we are changing the trains again at Zoo and so on. If the weather is fine and there are enough who want, the last group will take the S-Bahn from Zoo (get offs: Hauptbahnhof, Friedrichstraße).

Being at Alexanderplatz again, the group photo will be taken at the Weltzeituhr. Apparently we have to get out the underground without pants. It could get a little cold, but we will hurry. From there we are going back to Frankfurter Allee. Right now we can’t promise anything, but we are organizing a bar where could have some drinks and celebrate our fifth ride in Berlin.


How to behave

Starting with the undies. We can’t prescribe anything and funny underwear is great, but please not in a way, which is too obvious. Wearing two sets of undies is no problem and for sensitive bladders the better choice. But please do not wear thongs, “Rüsselslips” or other kind of underwear which could be offensive. Also please be aware of “hang outs”. And of course wear underpants. We want to make people laugh and not annoy them.

You also have to behave unremarkable when it comes to taking photos or videos. Please take as less photos as possible and don’t use (D)-SLRs or something else which is big. We have some photographers and videographers. You can enjoy the ride and still can get pictures afterwards. I would be happy to do so! That also counts for media representatives. Taking photos before and after the ride is totally okay.

Furthermore please bear personality rights in mind. Those of yourself and other participants. Of course it is a public event and everybody is showing his booty by choice. But even for the most lovely ones it isn’t nice if it is specific filmed or photographed. When you notice somebody doing so, show teamplay, place yourself in front of them and/or talk to the person.


And to sum up

  • act like it is the most normal thing in the world to ride the subway without pants (UK: trousers)
  • valid ticket for the subway
  • other passengers should laugh not getting annoyed
  • if you bring somebody with you, please show her this
  • ask if something is unclear or we did a failure
  • 14:oo Frankfurter Allee
  • U5 direction Alexanderplatz: get offs Frankfurter Tor, Alexanderplatz (change to U2)
  • U2 direction Ruhleben: get offs Stadtmitte, Potsdamer Platz, Wittembergplatz, Zoo, Kaiserdamm (heading back)
  • U2 direction Pankow: get offs Zoo (opt. S-Bahn), Wittembergplatz, Potsdamer Platz, Stadtmitte, Alexanderplatz (group photo at Weltzeituhr)
  • S-Bahn: get offs Hauptbahnhof, Friedrichstraße

If you are going to twitter about the ride, please use the hashtag #NPSR (No Pants Subway Ride). You also could mention @improvevery or us @marmarberlin!

That’s it. Have fun and till sunday!